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Alone What is that noise? Is it a footfall? No, it can’t be. That’s silly. I’m alone. What’s that? Is that my breathing? Do I breathe that loud? I must. After all, I’m alone. Why am I shivering? There must be a draft. That’s it. It’s a draft. It is winter. Wait, is someone calling …

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Reading This Poem

Reading This Poem I know you are reading this poem early in the morning when the sun jumps out of the horizon the last trace of dark fading away a new day starts. I know you are reading this poem standing up on the patio enjoying the scent of the grass while the birds singing. …

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Living… – A Short Poem

LIVING If this is Wednesday, call mom, call Wendy, turn in homework, reserve camping site at Yosemite. If this is Wednesday, write the paper for the English 11 class. The teacher said, “do not use my paragraph in your prose, find one of your own!” As we left hastily in the dark winter night. Drive …

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